Where do your reviews come from?

We recognise that providing customers with genuine, verified reviews is a crucial part of helping to select the right products for you.

We have recently started to use a 3rd party called Feefo to collect our reviews to help demonstrate our commitment to unedited, trustworthy reviews: the system publishes both good and bad reviews and only the customer leaving the feedback is able to amend or remove their reviews.

You can view all feedback about Healthspan on this page:


You can read more about Feefo via the links below

How Feefo is good for the consumer:

Feefo Privacy Policy:

How the Feefo system works:


If you place an order with us then after a week or so you should receive an email that looks something like this:



From this email you can click through to leave feedback, unsubscribe from any future feedback requests or contact Healthspan directly using the relevant links.


If you have a specific issue relating to any of your experience with Healthspan we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible by phone or by submitting a request to our Customer Care team.

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